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I've been reading the cards since 1989 and professionally for six years.  It's opened up a wonderful avenue to meet people and feel like I've helped them to see options that they may had missed before.  I feel tarot is here as a learning tool but it's meant to be fun! Take the time to stop and learn something new about someone close to you, you'll learn more from asking than from the cards...

My experience with online readings comes from founding a successful website called Kismet Love Tarot in 1997.  With my tarot partner, Karma, we've answered hundreds of requests for readings between us.  A bit of luck and listening to our instincts regarding the questions give us both a high rate of satisfaction from our clients.  Hopefully, we can help you too!

I'd love to work with you to find the answers you're seeking, please contact me at: for a private reading~