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Tarot holds many interpretations, from the colors used in each deck to the symbolism inherent in our collective consciousness.  The artists designing these decks evoke certain responses from each of us, asking us to personalize our journey using their imagery.  What cards speak to you?  Why are we afraid of certain cards and not others?  What decks do you relate to and why those? 

Each week I'll focus on a particular card from the Universal Waite deck, I'll point out what symbols speak to me and how that card may reflect the inner path we all share.  As a little incentive to participation, how about a quiz to make things more interesting?  I'll offer a prize for the most original interpretation of one of the four cards a month.  Please don't copy down something from a book, it's very bad karma to cheat...  ;)


The Seven o'Pentacles

Whew!  This card shows us a man resting after a long period of work, he has one more task to accomplish before he's finished though so don't hold dinner for him...  In his rest, he's thinking back over the journey he's taken so far and is contemplating his next move.  Reflecting on what's it's taken to get to this point, he remembers lessons learned and looks forward to new challenges.

He's connected to the earth, it holds firm under one foot yet the other is planted in the growth of promise and undiscovered paths.  He's almost finished with this life lesson but isn't over the hump yet, pay attention to what the universe is whispering in your ear and follow its directions~

Quiz time!
1} We see the staff of the Hermit here, what does it signify in this card?

2} What do the colors of his clothes mean?

3} What do the mountains in the horizon signify?

Please send your answers to with "7 of Pentacles" in the subject line and good luck!