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Tanya has approached the Gypsichicks asking why she is
so excited to be in a new relationship, and then
quickly finds herself disliking the guy. The cards
were asked to tell Tanya what she needed to learn from
these situations. The cards replied: Ace of Cups,
Knight of Swords, 9 of Pentacles.

The cards are sending two messages to Tanya in this
spread. The surface message is that yes, she's in the
throws of a new romance (at least on her side); that's
the Ace of Cups. The Knight of Swords spells doom for
any romantic relationship, so the particular guy she
wrote us about is not the one. The 9 of Pentacles
stands for a woman alone, but not lonely.

The second, larger message here is that Tanya
anticipates a new relationship (the Ace) and rushes
into the relationship impulsively, only to find it
disappointing (the Knight). So to alter this behavior,
the cards ask Tanya to think with her head a wee bit
more than her heart (the Knight again) and to spend
some time enjoying her own company (the 9). Until she
knows her own preferences, and can happily enjoy being
in her own company, she will continue to be
dissatisfied in her relationships.