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Theresa's question:
My friend referred me to your website. Well my question, of course, focuses on money. I'm not one who cares much about money except all of a sudden I feel like I hit rock bottom and will never ever get out! ugggggggg I have been pursuing a settlement for a few years and every time I get to settle it out the other side gets their way and postpones it. I am really pressed and this is effecting my whole life issues. Could you please tell me what you see with this? It really means a lot to me to know if it will come through.

Thank you so much, 

Kismet's answer:

Hi Theresa,
Now, in doing legal readings, things change with the wind in these matters so I don't want anyone upset over what the cards say at a particular reading.  As things look now for you financially, the legal issue will be resolved soon but not for as much as you'd like, so be prepared.  The upside is that the 9 of pentacles shows me that you're quite resourceful and can use whatever settlement does come your way to its best advantage.  Trust your instincts on what needs to go where, money-wise, and don't blow it at the track  ;)

Both the 9 of Pentacles and the Queen of Cups tell me that you're ignoring your inner voice.  Did you know you have quite the gift for intuition?  Trust yourself to show you where to go next, relax and let the universe have its way with you.  It'll be one hell of a ride, honey...

Best wishes and keep in touch!