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Gypsy Chicks Tarot




Meet the Chicks

Write the Chicks

Ready to delve into your psyche? 
Nah, me neither.  But let's see what the cards have to say anyway!

Email readings are $15 each and payable by Paypal. Please peruse the spread choices below and see which one feels best to you in your situation.  Then just push the paypal button and fill out the information (don't you just love technology).  Enter your question in the comment section of the page and address it to either Kismet or Karma, you will receive your reading within 24 hours of receipt. Karma will be doing rune readings for $15.

Great for an overall reading, it shows the past, present, future, obstacles and outlook for the querent.
Light of a Star:  
My favorite for specific questions, it helps me to focus on what is truly the heart of the matter.
Relationship spread: 
A nine card spread, this focuses on needs of the relationship and how it is progressing. It's invaluable for relationships on the verge of something BIG!
Pet spread:  
Go ahead and laugh but Fluffy's trying to tell you something and it's not that it's time to change the litter...
Evolution spread:  
This spread shows how a situation will progress within the next four weeks and it's possible outcome.
Love spread:  
Feelin' lucky? This spread tells it like it is and helps you find the truth in your relationships.
Monthly spread:  
These are available in 3 month subscriptions for $30, you will receive an in-depth reading that can help you to plan your month according to the universe (very handy, I must say...)
Rune Spread:
Try something new and see what the rocks tell ya!
New relationship spread:  
What's really going on after the hormones settle.