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From Lorraine~
Just wanted to let you know that you did a reading for me last month (the first romance reading on your site!) It was a love reading and you said that he is still having problems with his ex wife and that things would be delayed for us. 

Well just wanted to tell you, spoke to him last night for first time in a few long weeks and he tells me his ex wife is nailing him to the wall over the divorce settlement. He was a very bitter and angry man. So yep you were right....last thing on his mind was loving or starting a new relationship. He basically told me to move on and get on with my life and leave him behind. If all fails I'll try that smooching stuff near the New Year. 

Thanks again

From Boy Wondering~
Thanks for the speedy reading, I was needing the fix. :) You were very right about most of the issues. And, I'm hoping you'll be right about the possibilities. Actually I'm not just hoping I'm going to do something about my future.

Well, I'm off to start doing something related to that right now. 


P.S. You had a good point about the relationship issue, too. But, it's hard to move forward in any aspect of your life when you're stuck in a trench on the (career) front.

{Oh ye of little faith!  Once you start off in a positive direction, the rest will follow!}

First a little background, I read tarot myself, not professionally or anything, just for fun. I don't see tarot as being the answers to my questions, but more of a guide as to where to direct my attention. Well, with that in mind, I asked Kismet for a reading on romance...just a general, no one in mind, no significant incidences had happened, just curious. She did a reading, in it, I was told that I was going to get to know someone better who I already knew casually, that he would be my "knight in shining armor" (yes, those exact words! :)) "wow!" I thought, "cool, this I wouldn't mind happening!" So, then, about a month later, I was at work, and passed (and incidentally flirted with) someone who I used to work with (as in we worked at the same place but never really worked together). I found out he had gotten divorced about a year earlier but was dating someone, so I didn't give it much thought. Well, I had a project to do for work, and it involved some creative work that I'd never done, but just the week before, he gave me his card, that was what he did on the side! So, naturally, I called him and asked if he would show me how to do this, or help me. He said sure, well....that was it! A week later, we started dating, and a month after that, we got'll be five months tomorrow! And he is my knight in shining armor! :) ....and they lived happily ever after. Fin.