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One of the first reactions to the Death card is panic. Blind, unwavering stress over a card that, to my mind, simply indicates change. Fear over the symbol of Death is natural but it's what you choose to do with the information that is important. 

The Death card is all about regeneration and ultimate change. If you neglect the signs that the universe is trying to tell you then it'll come as a huge surprise but if you're in tune with the signals you'll be able to handle the change better. The tarot is a tool to help you identify those signals and make better choices for your path. The Death card is a forceful way to tell you to listen to your instincts and get ready for what's coming down the road. You'd better listen up, baby...

Are you afraid of what is to come? Fear change? Now is the time to prepare yourself, knowledge is power. Living in a fog does no one any good so stop fooling yourself that a relationship is going to work out the way you want it to or your job is going to magically get better. Take charge of your life and make changes for the better, the Death card reminds us that we are in charge of our destiny but life will give us the final push.