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Tarot bags by the Dragon's Den!
Each bag comes fully lined with a variety of fabrics, write for a complete list of available colors and designs.  The bags are 5"x7" and are a wonderful way to personalize your cards.  Each bag is $6.99

Soaps and candles by the Dragon's Den

2.5 oz scallops (best with pictures containing one image) Set of 3 for $4.75; 3.5 oz rectangles Set of 3 for $6.50

set of 3 for $6.50
3.5oz each

set of 3 for $5.25
2oz each

4.75" x 3.25"
$ 6.99

9.75" x 7"

Scents for both candles and soaps: Rose petal, violet, carnation, Hawthorn and dogwood, Salt mist rose, Heather/hyacinth, Wild rose and oak, Green apple, raspberry sherbert, Vanilla, dragon's blood, spring rain, sweet grass, Pina Colada, heaven, Pumpkin spice, Candy cane.

Colors: Pink, Crimson, Blue, Green, Yellow, purple, White

We can put any picture on our soaps and candles, such as tarot cards, or as a special gift using pictures of friends, grandchildren, scenic pictures.  Price includes color, scent, and image.  For candles decorated with pictures we have 2 sizes of round pillars:  3 by 4 $7.49 and 3.5 by 4.75 $9.99

Shipping is priority mail for all items, please add the following to your total:
For up to 9 bars of soap Priority is $3.20
10 to 19 is next price up $4.50 (I think)
20 to 30 is $6.50
30 to 40 is $8.25
Dragon candle is $3.20 
Unicorn candle is $4.50
Tarot bag is $3.20
Pillar candles are both $3.20

When ordering, please use: for your PayPal payee.  Enter your order with scent and colors (for candle/soaps) or fabric selection (for tarot bag) and shipping information in the notes column.  For further information regarding these products, please contact Kate at directly.

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