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Exciting and neeeeewwwwwww

Well, perhaps not new.  Created while hanging from the wrong end of a tree branch, the Nordic god Odin (father of the hammer-happy Thor) created the Runes as a way to get in touch with his touchy-feely side.  Karma is delving into that side of herself lately too and passing the savings down to you!  To have your runes read by Karma, please contact her at:


Anthony C. wrote to us, requesting advice on an
unexpected event: he has just discovered he has a
sister. He is wondering on how to build a relationship
with her. After a bit of evaluation, I decided that
his question could be better answered with a 3-Rune
spread, rather than consulting the cards.

In a 3-rune reading, the runes are arranged side by
side and read right to left (3,2,1) Rune 1 represents
an overview of the situation. Rune 2 is the challenge
that the situation provides, and the third rune is the
action called for by the situation.

Anthony's runes:

Jera (Harvest, Fertile Season, One Year)

Kano, reversed (Closing, Darkness)

Isa (Standstill, Withdrawal, Ice)

The interpretation:

Isa describes the state that I'm sure Anthony's mind
is in: a state of standstill. But holding onto his
previous perceptions (that of life without a sister)
will only lead to shallowness and a sense of being out
of touch with life. Anthony should see this a chance
to perhaps have a restoration and renewal of himself
at the deepest level. But it will take work and time.
Think of it as nurturing a seed to grow.

Kano, reversed,indicates that the Anthony who did not
have a sister is being replaced with a new person.
Give up the old way gladly, and be prepared to develop
a new inner stability.

Jera is a rune signifying beneficial outcomes of an
endeavor to which one is committed. There are,
however, no quick results. It could be that it takes a
year to develop a good relationship with the new
sister. If both Anthony and his sister go slowly, and
persevere, they can end up with a wonderful